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The First serve is the single serve, a high deep serve, which is meant to put your opponent to the back line.BWF HANDBOOK II (Laws of Badminton. 2.2.3 The tips of the feathers shall lie on a circle with a. 7.6 The side winning a game shall serve first in the.

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Children can enjoy the game of badminton and improve their badminton skills with a few simple drills.USA Volleyball junior athletes provide torque serving tips designed for all ages.

To be a knockout badminton player, you have to have lightning-fast feet, strong.To do a short serve in badminton, stand closer toward the front baseline with your right leg forward.

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See a rich collection of stock images, vectors, or photos for badminton you can buy on Shutterstock.Watch professional badminton backhand training videos. Badminton Tips for Injury Prevention and the Backhand Technique: Chen Weihua: 05: Badminton Backhand Serve.There are four different types of serves that a badminton player should attempt to master in order.

Low serve Forehand - Stand two to three feet behind the short service line. - Relax your body and bent your knees slightly.

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One-Handed Backhand, Part 1. Join PlaySportsTV today and get instant access to over 3,000 videos and training tips.Use of the badminton serve during singles play to move your opponent as far back in court as possible, thus opening up his.Includes the latest news stories, results, fixtures, video and audio.

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High level singles badminton players would also use the backhand service during game play.This lesson is crucial for developing not only the badminton serve,.

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Badminton Drill - the forehand high serve - This drill will help to improve your technique.Player A will serve the ball over the net to player C or D and player C or D must return the serve to.Learning a proper tennis kick serve involves correct technique.

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Welcome to Badminton Doubles Service Tips,. will get list of badminton training videos by Coach Lee Jae Bok and you can. is receiving serve in.A series of 12 instructional videos to help you improve your game, made by the All England team. Enjoy.

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The Badminton Rules app will provide easy and beneficial tips to make the.Tennis players learning how to hit a kick serve should first learn the technique behind this shot.

Tips and Contact: Continuous updates. 8. serve high and deep to push opponent far.Badminton Tips and Techniques - Returning the Serve - featuring Coach Andy Chong SportVideos 3 months ago.Share Facebook Twitter Whatsapp Email. to serve or to receive or. 2) the preferred side of the court.Each point begins with a serve and, once the ball has been hit, the game has begun.Badminton Tips: Badminton Serving Techniques. feet to achieve each of these serves with help from a badminton instructor in this free video on serving in badminton.

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Most beginners will start learning badminton by going through rallies -.

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This video gives the details on returning a serve in a game of singles badminton Find more great badminton videos on our website and YT channel.

Do you know how many types of Badminton Serve and how to use them efficiently.How to Swing a Badminton Racquet. Tips. As a beginner, hold the racket with a standard grip.Badminton is played as a singles or doubles game with one or two players on a side. Shuttlecocks should be handled by the tips only. team is serving.Have one player serve the shuttle and then immediately lie on the court.